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The start-up company Omics2Image has recently been established to bring technological innovations from the AMOLF group, lead by Prof. Ron Heeren, to the market. Our products are suitable for basic research and bio-medical applications. Our first one is the IonPix camera. This camera in combination with a microscope mode mass spectrometry system provides extremely high spatial resolution molecular images and has the capability of capturing several ion masses in one measurement cycle.
New: Interview with co-founder Ron Heeren featured in C2W magazine. Read the article here.

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) is a spin-out company from Nikhef, the Dutch research institute for particle physics. The company has been recently incorporated and is located at the Science Park in Amsterdam. ASI will bring technology and expertise to the market, by employing the detector technology that is based on the efforts of the Medipix collaboration.

Sensiflex is a revolutionary measuring system for various industries. The flexibility lies in the patented projection reception technology that makes it easy to implement it in various situations and meet customer demands.