Lifting Your Business

Teaming up with 1&12 will lift your business to a higher level and we are convinced that together we will reach our goals.

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About Us

1&12 IP’s mission is to transform the way that financing and strategic advice are provided to start-up companies and young entrepreneurs. 1&12 IP’s goal is to facilitate and create the necessary capital infrastructure, both human financial, around our portfolio companies to allow the management team to excel. We at 1&12 IP can be actively involved, but only if our contribution adds value to the company.
By investing in young and innovating companies we support entrepreneurs to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in performance and continue to build a great venture that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.
Together with Nikhef, National Institute for Subatomic Physics, we created P2IP, Particle Physics Inside Products, a limited liability company, which serves as instrumental in the administrative set up and management of the start-ups. During 2011 P2IP has taken shares in two Nikhef start-ups, Sensiflex BV and Amsterdam Scientific Instruments BV.